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Jeffrey D. Klug is a Partner at Klug Law Firm who practices primarily in the areas of banking, business and corporate, commercial litigation, construction, real estate, estate planning, litigation and bankruptcy.  He focuses his practice on the needs of business and individuals and has represented clients in litigation, mediation and transactional matters.

Mr. Klug represents banks, businesses, partnerships, and individuals, and has successfully tried cases in excess of $1,000,000 in both State and Federal Court.  He also has represented clients in front of the Michigan Court of Appeals.  Mr. Klug has an expertise in representing clients with secured interests and making sure his clients’ secured interests are protected with pre-trial motions to either obtain possession of the collateral, or obtain restraining orders regarding the collateral.  He also has the experience and knowledge to seek claims for his clients which are non-dischargeable in bankruptcy.  Mr. Klug has received numerous Judgments on behalf of his clients in the amount of three times the damages sought as the result of successfully bringing claims of conversion of clients’ secured assets.  Mr. Klug strives to make sure that his clients interests are protected and does everything he can pursuant to the laws of the State of Michigan so his clients can fully recover all of their damages.

Mr. Klug is experienced in banking law.  He has represented banks and financial institutions in regards to business, commercial, and personal loans.  He has experience representing and working with banks and financial institutions Special Assets department.  He has experience working with distressed business loans, and has helped banks obtain its secured collateral.  He is also experienced with the Uniform Commercial Code (“UCC”) Article 4 governing Bank Deposits and Collections.

Mr. Klug is experienced in business and corporate law.  He has represented businesses with their formation, acquisitions, contracts, contract disputes, and litigation.  He also has experience in the sale and purchase of businesses whether it be an asset or stock sale.  Mr. Klug has experience regarding disputes between shareholders, members and partners, and is knowledgeable in regards to their respective rights.  Mr. Klug is experienced in complex transactions governed by the UCC including the Sale of Goods (Article 2 of the UCC) and Secured Transactions (Article 9 of the UCC).


  • Represented banks involving complex commercial litigation matters in excess of $1,000,000.  Successfully obtained possession of the secured assets prior to trial.
  • Represented banks involving lien priority disputes.  Successfully defended first priority lien against a junior lien and preserved clients costs and attorney fees.
  • Represented banks in adversary complaints in Bankruptcy Court seeking non-dischargeability of debt.  Has successfully obtained non-dischargeability of debt awards and received Judgments in the amount of three times the amount of damages as a result of the debtor’s conversion of secured assets.  On numerous occasions Mr. Klug has successfully negotiated settlement agreements which resulted in his client receiving monthly payment to recover its damages.
  • Has represented businesses in both the sale and purchase of another business whether it be an asset or stock purchase.
  • Has represented clients regarding shareholder oppression.
  • Represented corporations in commercial litigation matters in Federal Court in excess of $1,000,000.  Successfully defended Pre-Trial Motions where the opposing party is seeking possession of assets pending judgment so his client can stay in business.
  • Successfully represented builders involving complex issues of the Michigan Builders Trust Fund Act, Michigan Public Buildings and Public Works Bond of Contractor Act,   Michigan Construction Lien Act, and the Michigan Occupational Code intertwined in the same action.  Has been awarded court costs and attorney fees for his clients pursuant to the acts.
  • Represented clients in all aspects of their construction liens from the preparation and filing of the construction liens, to the filing the complaint to foreclose on the construction lien and obtaining a judgment including attorney fees.
  • Represented clients in receivership actions.
  • Represented businesses obtain liquor licenses, transfer liquor licenses, and escrow liquor licenses.
  • Has represented financially distressed businesses and individuals in regards to loan modifications and forbearance agreements.
  • Has represented businesses in reorganizations.
  • Has represented clients regarding business succession planning.
  • Represented clients regarding commercial real estate transactions.
  • Represented landlords in drafting commercial and residential leases, and landlord tenant actions.
  • Represented clients in estate planning including preparation of: wills, trusts, durable medical and financial powers of attorneys.
  • Represented clients in probate and has successfully recovered money for clients in contested probate matters.

Teaching and Lecturing

  • People’s Law School Fall 2012 – Bankruptcy


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